PAR Outreach Program at Manila Boy’s Town ~ Nov. 19, 2017

PAR Outreach Program at Manila Boy’s Town ~ Nov. 19, 2017

It was such a lovely day last Nov. 19, 2017. Not so hot and it was not raining also. PAR Chef Alan Malano started cooking the goto at 10 AM. He and his wife also woke up early to get the ingredients from the Marikina Market.

Thanks to the monetary donations of Engr. Gerard Vengco, PAR Jun Delos Reyes, PAR Jonas, Raffy and Igna, we are able to buy things for this outreach program.

PAR Frank Tabora organized everything so we can do this project.

Believe me, it it so touching to be able to care in whatever way possible and touch the hearts of these street kids. The rice soup or GOTO as we call it here in the Philippines is not so much of a meal. But for these kids, it is a treat.

One thing I found out about charity and giving is, you are not losing but GAINING. You are gaining a sense of pride that you can make things happen, do things for these kids who are powerless and frail.

After the program, we cried with a sense of achievement. We want to do more.

We will keep coming back and look after these kids. We do not know how or why, but GOD will provide!


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